Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pet Adoption Event

Today, we brought the beagles to a Pet Adoption event at Marshfield High School. The folks from the Great Dog Rescue of New England were there with several dogs available for adoption, and we brought the pups to meet Tracey and the other great people from the organization who helped us rescue these two last year.

It was three hours of Scout pulling me towards stuff, and of Molly hiding behind Ti to avoid being pet by strangers. After a little while, he settled down and she got tired of trying to be afraid of everything.

It was an exciting day, we saw lots of other animals, including guinea pigs, rabbits and many, many dogs. It was a pretty busy event, and Scout wanted to get into everything. He met lots of people, gave lots of beagle hugs (he still has a habit of jumping on people), and ate lots of treats.

Molly was also given lots of attention - but of course she wanted nothing to do with anyone, but would take treats. Of course - a beagle will do anything for food.

Here are some pictures of the day. We didn't take many - Molly runs away at the sound of the camera, but Ti was able to sneak a few.

Favorite moments with the dogs

Here are some pictures of our favorite Scout and Molly moments:

Scout Sleeping

Scout Sleeping

Scout Sleeping

Molly posing for a picture

Good times. Good times.

They're sleeping now. But I don't have a picture.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

First post, this blog

So here is Scout. He is a beagle. Very much the sterotypical scent-motivated beagle. He is generally very happy, loves food, and loves to drive my wife and I crazy.

This is Molly. She is also a beagle. In fact, they might be related, we aren't sure. She is not the typical beagle. She is food motivated to a point, but the comparison with Scout ends there. She is afraid of everything, mostly. This is one of the best pictures we have of her, which we didn't even take, because she is even afraid of the camera. Little bitch.

This is all of us:

Scout and Molly had a tough life before us. They were found tied up outside of a shelter in Wayross County, GA. They had horrible eye infections, and because of that, Molly lost an eye. She's not a typical dog because of it, but we love her anyway. Sometimes much more than Scout.

It took quite a while for her to get accustomed to us and their new surroundings, but now they're comfortable at home with us. A little too comfortable.

A typical day starts between 5 and 6, whenever Molly decides to start kicking Ti or myself. Time for her morning belly rub. Then just after 6, Scout scoots his way up to my head and starts licking me in the face right before standing on my chest. Then he leaps off the bed ready to start the day. I mean after all, he's awake, so why shouldn't the rest of us be? And while we're awake, why not give Scout food, right? If we don't get up quick, he comes up on the bed and jumps off a few times in an attempt to get fed.

Ugh, speaking of which, time to walk the little monster.